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Read a Banned Book Week


This is Banned Books Week. Support the First Amendment & READ a Banned Book!

Count Down to Sanity

Only 3 days left of the ramp, and it is 3 days to many! I am presently sitting on Mom's back porch. The fountains are running, the flowers are blooming and Reilly is napping in his swing. Tonight's dinner is breakfast; the Egg Strata is in refrigerator ready for baking later, frozen blintzes and fruit cups are in freezer. All I need to do is chop up fruit to top blintzes. This feels so much saner, I am primarily a caretaker. I like tending to people, and Reilly is a very cute people.

He is awake now & staring at me from his swing. Two fingers in his mouth as he stares at that crazy not the mama. I gotta say this, he is one chunky baby!!! Adorable, but chunky! I have never seen this fat of breast fed baby, before. The Boy calls him, "Fatty." I tell him not to let his sister hear - she will kill him. I told the Princess, "Reilly's rolls are getting rolls." She agreed. It is hard to play head shoulders knees and toes with him. Legs are so chubby I can't find his knees! lol

Reilly has the German jowls from Daddy, like I do. Neither of my kids have them, too skinny and Irish -Scotch looking. He sure has the red hair of the Irish-Scotch tho!

Gonna take the cute chunky baby to a retirement party in awhile. Time to get dressed up & hope he doesn't puke on my silk blouse & skirt. Even if he does, I am happier wearing baby spit up then sitting at the parking ramp in my bumblebee uniform!

Happy Birthday ForSolei!!!

Have a great birthday!

3 to be Happy

1) My jade butterfly necklace, and the sweet man that gave it to me
2) Ice cream angel food cake sundaes
3) Plans with friends tomorrow


OOOOPS It was pointed out to me that I didn't post 51- 80, hrere they are:

51) blowing bubbles
52) flying a kite
53) feathers, pebbles, bones, shells etc, found on a walk
54) lying in a hammock with a book
55) swinging in a swing
56) roller coasters
57) sleeping in
58) mineral water
59) ethnic foods
60) learning new things, especially about people
61) swirls
62) flowers – especially roses, lilies and peonies
63) giving a massage
64) a glass of wine with dinner
65) real mail
66) thrift stores & rummage sales
67) hanging with my family
68) hanging with my friends
69) writing
70) teaching something to someone
71) hockey
72) rocking chairs
73) museums
74) bookstores
75) breezes & wind
76) rainy days
77) snow days
78) looking at art
77) celebrations
78) crafting
79) playing in puddles and the rain
80) gardening

3 to be Happy

1) Romances are all done!
2) It was a mild night and he ramp was pleasant!
3) leftovers - heat & eat is a gods send when you are tired & hungry

I worked clocked in between both jobs 7.45 hours & am soooo tired! I filled up my gas tank first time in a month & prices were diwn - only 2.11!

The Drunk Priest

Tonight while I was manning the gate four middle aged, nicely dressed men came thru in a very nice SUV. The front passenger pointed to his collar and yelled, “I am a priest and I’m drunk!”

The driver then said, “He’s a priest, do we get a discount?”

I leaned forward and said, “I’m a Pagan, it will be double.”

Driver, chuckled, smiled and said, “Good comeback.” and handed me the parking fee.

3 to be Happy

1) Water - it really is life
2) Extra hours with higher pay for hockey gate on a mild night!
3) Delivery! I may not love Erb's & Gerb's - but they do deliver!

I had a long day in first my booth - then the special event booth. Did much thinking on 2006 sumary & 2007 plans.

3 to be Happy

1) Finished Stargate - the novel that wouldn't end!
2) Crockpots - tonights recipe was ok - not fab but ok - easy & cheap & done!!!
3) Puppies - ok smelly Ryo - he does cuddle well

I think that I and my love are in for an interesting time. I look forward to movement of SOME type!!!



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